SEO Consulting

If you’re looking for a more personalised experience, then you might want to consider my SEO consultancy service.

This service is private SEO coaching, delivered one on one, via Skype, where we work closely together on any aspect of SEO that you need help with.

This is the fastest way to results.

It should be noted that this service is not always available, and is invitation only. I am very fussy about who I take on, not because I’m a dick – but because I want to be absolutely certain you’re going to get maximum value.

I’m here to help. I’m not just here to take your money.

Who is this service for?

To give you some idea of how this works, and who I’ve helped in the past.

I’ve worked with –

  • Big businesses, here in Australia, and overseas where I’ve taught their staff how to do SEO in-house.
  • Digital marketing managers, CEO’s and agency owners, where I’ve showed them my exact process on SEO, securing clients, and getting results.
  • WEB & SEO professionals, where I’ve showed them how to get high paying clients, increase their rates, streamline their processes, how to charge, and increase their earnings.
  • Freelancers that want to quit their jobs, get out of the rat race, and start their own SEO business.

In other words, this is high end stuff.

I’m not just showing you how to build links or use Webmaster tools.

I go right into the nuts and bolts of what I do, and how I do it – including my business processes. I even share all my document templates, slides, notes, spreadsheets etc.

This service isn’t cheap.

Pricing starts at $10,000 a pop, but I guarantee, you will learn more in a few sessions with me than you will anywhere else. Be mindful that I’ve been doing SEO since 2003, and have over 10,000 hours of hands on experience. In other words, I know what the hell I’m doing.

Alright look, I know that $10,000 up front is a big ask – I get it, especially since you don’t know me, and that’s fine.

So to make it easy, I’ll give you 90 minutes for $500.

That way we can jump on a call, there’s no risk. We can have a chat and you can get a feel for what I’m like and decide as to whether or not this service is what you’re after.

Hows that sound? Easy, right?

Then if you wish to proceed, you can pay the remainder and we can get into it.

How does it work?

Once payment is received, we’ll jump on a Skype call and –

  • See where you’re currently at and what you need help with
  • Address your goals and objectives
  • Set expectation levels
  • Agree upon schedules and workflow
  • Ensure you have the required tools and software (if needed)

Here is a basic breakdown of how the service is delivered to you.

  • Training/consulting is delivered typically weekly, via Skype calls. You do not need a camera, just a microphone, and the ability to screen share. (mobile phones are not suitable) Make sure you’ve got a stable internet connection.
  • Sessions are limited to a maximum of no more than 2 hours per call. You can use less time per session if you wish. Anymore than 2 hours and your head will explode. I can talk about this stuff underwater with a mouthful of marshmallows for hours.
  • Sessions are often provided in a “watch over my shoulder” way. I will be showing you on screen, exactly what to do, how and why.
  • At the end of each session, if necessary, you will be assigned tasks to perform and complete in your own time, ahead of your next session. No this isn’t homework – this just ensures you get the most value out of your consulting. This isn’t always necessary. It depends on what we’ve covered.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Sure, here a few other key points you need to be aware of –

  • I’m not here to waste your money or my time. If you’re not serious, don’t contact me.
  • My style is brutal, fast and honest. I don’t muck around. I’m not going to spend 20 minutes on a call talking about last nights episode of Master Chef. Instead I’m going to be providing you with huge value explaining only what you need in order to get solid results.
  • I don’t provide “in person” consulting. All sessions are provided online via Skype calls. If you’re local, I’d be happy to meet up for a cuppa and a chat.
  • In order to perform some tasks, you will be required to purchase certain software. Details of what’s required, along with costs, will be explained to you during your initial call.
  • Remember, this service offering is strictly guidance and advice. I won’t be doing any of the work.
  • $10,000 gets you 20 hours of my time (minimum commitment). You can use up your time as it suits you.
  • No refunds, ever.
  • If you see this as an expense, or you think I’m “too expensive”, then this service is probably not for you. Instead, you should view this as an investment, because I can guarantee you will find it invaluable.
  • I’ve helped dozens of people with this level of consulting and all of them have said they would’ve paid more for my advice.
  • If you follow my advice and do what I say, you will get your money back with 1 client.

Ready to rock n roll?

Good. Send me an email or call and let’s have a chat.