WooCommerce Goal Tracking With Google Analytics and Paypal

Let me guess….

You’re angry and frustrated, right?

I bet you’ve just spent the last 2 hours searching all over the internet trying to find out how to make WooCommerce work with Google Analytics goal tracking and Paypal, so that you can do something that would (or at least should) be simple. That being of course being able to monitor conversions within Analytics.

Am I right?

LOL. That’s actually funny because you know what? I … read more

How to Manage Your Online Reputation

Have you ever performed a search within Google, only to find a whole bunch of negative reviews about a business you’re considering working with?

It’s a bit off putting isn’t it?

It’s more than likely you might reconsider your options and choose someone else to work with.

Not a big deal as the customer, but as a business owner this can prove to be very costly – because let’s face it, the likelihood of anyone … read more

How Much Does SEO Cost? How Much Should You Be Paying?

How much does SEO cost? How much should business owners be expecting to pay for SEO?

These are typical questions that come to the mind of any business owner when trying to make sense of pricing within the SEO industry.

Some say $99 a month, others start at $2,000.

So what gives? Why the huge difference?

Confusion about SEO pricing

There’s an enormous amount of confusion about how much SEO costs and that’s for good … read more

10 Advanced Techniques to Steal Your Competitors Search Traffic

When it comes to building a profitable online business, time and money is always of the essence.

Let’s face it, you can invest an enormous amount of time building your site, creating content, paying for paid traffic, paying for SEO as well as actually trying to run and operate your business.

So why not fast track the process, by reverse engineering your competitors?

To me, it only makes sense to replicate what’s already workingread more

How To Stop Fake Traffic and Spambots From Screwing up Your Website

Okay so you’ve just logged into your Google Analytics account and seen a huge increase in traffic. Awesome!

Hang on a minute, semalt.com? What’s that?

This is where your excitement turns to concern, then total frustration.

Google Analytics is reporting the following sites as referral traffic –

  • semalt.com
  • buttons-for-website.com
  • darodar.com
  • trafficmonetize.org
  • 4webmasters.org

Huh, what the hell is this?

This unfortunately is garbage traffic.

It’s useless, automated rubbish (referred to as “spambots”) slamming your site, potentially … read more

How to Build One Page That Ranks for Dozens of Keywords

Let’s face it, keyword research is one of those subjects that’s been written about to death. It’s often boring, it’s certainly not sexy, and chances are everything I’m about to say, you’ve already read before on a dozen other blogs.

So why cover it again?

Before you think about clicking away, hear me out. If you’re thinking that this article is going to be another one of those, “choose keywords with lots of search volume read more

7 Highly Actionable Ways to Make Your Content Marketing Efforts Kick Ass

When it comes to content, most site owners already know just how important it is to be publishing ongoing, high quality, engaging, share worthy content. But why is it then, that many site owners get excited and go on to publish one or two blog posts, then stop?

Is it because it’s too hard? Too boring? …. or is it that they just don’t think there’s any value in it?

I think the answer is … read more

10 Techniques To Getting High Quality Backlinks (Without Any Risk)

A few days ago, I published this article here about how backlinks are eventually going to matter less as a ranking signal within Google’s algorithm. Whilst I believe this to be true, (and it may be likely that backlinks will eventually become a thing of the past in terms of SEO altogether), there’s certainly no doubting that for the time being, backlinks still matter – and they matter a lot.

This of course means that … read more

What is the Future of Google, Backlinks and the Algorithm?


I just finished reading an article published by Neil Patel over at Quick Sprout where he was talking about how link building is not going to be the future of SEO, and I have to say, even though I actively work in the SEO space and I understand the importance of links – I agree.

Some might say this is totally ridiculous – but I think Neil makes a valid point, and I’ll … read more

How to Avoid SEO Latency and Get Leads Sales and Customers Right Away

What’s the difference between boiling an egg and hitting first page in Google?

About 2 minutes.

Okay, jokes aside, let’s talk about one of the most common frustrations for both SEO professionals and business owners alike, when it comes to investing towards SEO.

SEO latency.

What is SEO latency?

SEO latency is a term I made up last Sunday whilst eating a cheese sandwich and watching cartoons, and with any luck, Rand Fishkin might give … read more