Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?
If it’s broken, a lot. If you’ve tried to fix it, even more. Click here to view my rates.

How long til I’m on the first page of Google?
Listen, I’m not here to read tea leaves or predict this Saturday nights Gold Lotto draw. Nor am I going to lead you on with some crappy “3 month guarantee” like most dodgy SEO companies do. The answer is, “it depends”. An average campaign takes anywhere between 6-12 months. Sometimes longer, sometimes it happens quicker. Please don’t call me if you expect to be on the first page of Google by next Tuesday.

Do you use lock in contracts?
No. You can cancel out anytime you like, so long as you give me a months notice.

How many keywords can I rank for?
All of them, but only the ones that matter. In other words, I’m only going to focus my attention on keywords that are going to bring you sales, or customer enquiries. I’m not here to waste your time ranking you for “pink bunny rabbits” then tell you I’ve done a good job.

Can I call or email if I have a question?
You get one 60 minute strategy call at the end of each month. If you feel the need to call or email me 15 times a day (like some clients do) I will deduct that time as billable hours. So we can talk about your campaign at $150 an hour, or I can get it done.

Can I get a refund?
No. You wont need one.

Can you guarantee I’ll get results?
I’ve emailed Google and asked them to send me a detailed explanation of their algorithm. As soon as I receive that from them, I’ll be in touch.

Can you just build me some links, and forget about this other stuff?
No. Go away.

How will I know what’s actually being done?
At the end of each month, you will receive a detailed work summary sheet that itemises exactly what tasks have been performed. In addition to that, we will jump on a strategy call, where I’ll explain what’s been done, what work is coming up for the following month, and answer any questions you may have. Simple.

How do I know what you’re doing is safe and won’t damage my website?
I’m not in the business of screwing up your business. I take what I’m doing seriously. Which is exactly why I don’t charge $99 a month.

How can I get results quicker?
Buy more time. The more hours you put in, the quicker you’ll see results.

Can you help us with email and server stuff too?
I do SEO, not tech support. If you ask real nice I might come over and wash your car. But only if there’s cookies.

Why would I want to hire you when you’re not first page for “SEO”?
I don’t get paid to work on my own site. I get paid to work on yours. It’s much like a qualified chef that goes home at night and has fish fingers and custard for dinner.

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