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SEOpoint is Australia’s first SEO learning community aimed at helping small business owners achieve greater results in search. Log in anytime to get expert help, advice and access to highly actionable instructional videos.

What is SEO Point?

SEOpoint is an Australian based SEO training community focused specifically on helping small business owners, soloists and site owners alike, learn, implement and do their own SEO.

Get immediate access to easy to understand, highly actionable SEO training videos, checklists, cheat sheets and more. Save money, save time. Get more traffic, sales and enquiries to your website today.

What You Will Learn

What is SEO?

An introduction to search engine optimisation. Understand what SEO is, what SEO isn’t and learn how to change your way of thinking in order to avoid costly mistakes.

  • Why SEO is important
  • The importance of having a set process
  • What SEO isn’t
  • 3 key fundamentals of SEO

Hosting & Domain Names

Your domain name and hosting, will act as the foundation for all of your SEO efforts moving forward – so its super critical that you get this right at the very start.

  • 3 key elements for hosting and why it’s crucial to your SEO
  • Must have advice on choosing the right domain for SEO
  • Importance of branding
  • Common mistakes to avoid

Website Foundations

Much like your domain name and hosting, the way in which your site is built, the type of platform you use, will heavily influence your SEO long term.

  • Choosing the right content management system for best SEO
  • The importance of a blog
  • Considerations before you begin
  • Optimising for mobile devices
  • Importance of ownership and control
  • Common mistakes to avoid

Initial Research & Analysis

It makes no sense to build a fantastic looking website that doesn’t perform. This is a costly mistake you’ll want to avoid. Getting your initial research and analysis right, straight out of the gate is absolutely critical to the long term success of your SEO

  • The most common mistake and how to avoid it completely
  • The 3 phase dependency cycle – keyword research, site structure, site development
  • How to plan out an SEO friendly site structure
  • Intelligent competitor analysis and reverse engineering
  • How to create SEO friendly URLs
  • Common mistakes to avoid

Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the core fundamentals of search engine optimisation. You’ll want to focus your efforts on terms that are going to bring more traffic, more sales and more customer enquiries.

  • Understanding keyword roles
  • Determining keyword viability
  • How to measure keyword difficulty
  • 3 must have tools for effective keyword research
  • How to steal your competitors keywords
  • Keyword grouping – how to build one page that ranks for multiple terms
  • Common mistakes to avoid

Onpage optimisation

Onpage optimisation is essential in order to increase the visibility of your website in search. Improving your onpage can often result in increased rankings, and search traffic overall.

  • Building a keyword rich, SEO optimised URL structure
  • Site speed – ensuring your site loads quickly
  • Meta tags explained. Title tags, meta description tags, H1 tags and more
  • Understanding the importance of content
  • Ensuring your site is responsive (mobile friendly)
  • How to measure keyword difficulty
  • 3 must have tools for effective keyword research
  • How to steal your competitors keywords
  • Keyword grouping – how to build one page that ranks for multiple terms
  • Common mistakes to avoid

Offpage optimisation

Everybody knows that when it comes to offpage optimisation, links are absolutely vital. But there’s a difference between getting links, and getting links that matter.

  • 3 key factors of offpage optimisation – trust, authority and relevancy
  • How to strengthen your link profile
  • How to get links from high authority, relevant websites
  • How to reverse engineer your competitors, steal their links and their traffic
  • How to identify content marketing opportunities
  • Performing targeted outreach
  • How to get leaders in your industry to link to you
  • Leveraging search query operators to uncover powerful link building opportunities
  • How to emulate a natural link profile and avoid any potential penalties
  • Understanding the importance of anchor text diversity
  • Common mistakes to avoid


Content is the reason search began in the first place. Publishing high quality content tied in with intelligent outreach, syndication and promotion, will get you links, shares and the engagement you need for great SEO.

  • Busting the “publish good content” myth
  • How to create 10x linkable assets (content that is 10 times better than your competitors)
  • How to publish content that gets links, social shares, interaction and engagement
  • How to maximise your reach through content re-purposing
  • Implementing the 3 key phases of content marketing – Produce, promote, presell
  • Easy ways to come up with content creation ideas
  • How to get big sites to link to your content almost every time
  • Common mistakes to avoid

Measuring your Efforts

It’s important to track and measure the performance of your website over time to ensure that you’re on track to meet your intended goals and objectives.

  • Defining your goals and objectives to ensure a clear strategy
  • 2 must have tools – Search console and Webmaster tools
  • Setting up goals using Google Analytics
  • How to know which pages are driving sales, or customer enquiries
  • Running campaigns within Google Analytics
  • How to know where your traffic is coming from, and more importantly, which traffic is actually performing
  • How to track keyword performance
  • Tracking and monitoring the performance of your link profile
  • How to simplify reporting with custom dashboards
  • Common mistakes to avoid

How is the Training Provided?

All training is provided within a private forum. Upon joining you will be granted full access to a membership area where you’ll be able to log in anytime to ask questions, access instructional training videos, and get expert help and advice.

Access the private members only forum.



Log in anytime. Ask questions.



Get immediate expert help and advice.



Watch and learn.
Access easy to understand, instructional
SEO training videos.



Access over 9 modules of training course material.
Checklists, cheat sheets and user templates.


Who Should Join?

Small Business Owners

If you’re a small business owner, then this training is exactly what you need to be found in search – without all those expensive agency costs.


If you’re a freelancer, or SEO consultant, then this training will take your business, and income to the next level.

Professional Marketing Managers

If you’re a marketing manager then it makes sense to bring your skillsets inhouse, reduce costs and gain more control.


If your a soloist trading on the web, without a huge marketing budget, then this training is a much more affordable alternative.

How Much Does it Cost?

$19/mo – Save 75% for a limited time
Enter code: ramone19

What existing members are saying

John takes his years of experience in doing and teaching SEO and distills it down to the most important information in online video tutorials. I wish I’d had this a decade ago when I was getting started online.


John Hawes

I run a small SEO agency in the UK and have known John via Facebook for a couple of years now. I would just like to say that Seopoint is by far the best SEO training program I have seen and I have seen a lot!


Keith Dean

The information John provides in this forum is worth far more than the monthly fee. No more expensive agency fees! I’m so glad I found John and SEO Point and became a member. It has been the best decision I’ve made yet. Thank you!


Catherine Taylor

John has provided us with a rich, honest and thought-provoking resource for SEO that I have recommended and would recommend to anyone wishing for their website to succeed.


Brendan Parsons

I’ve been learning about SEO for the last year and have had some success, but John’s course has filled in a lot of gaps and provided some awesome tips and processes I’ve never seen before.


Damien Smith

I was paying $350 a month for SEO services to an agency and after 8 months had no results. A friend told me I should check out SEO Point and I’m so glad I did. It’s been the best investment I’ve ever made.


Trudy Walton

Benefits of Joining

  • Take control of your SEO – Do it yourself!
  • Save money! No more expensive agency fees
  • No more getting ripped off by dodgy agencies
  • Get more customers, make more sales
  • Get the best, most qualified advice from trusted SEO experts
  • Achieve much faster results
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Get more targeted search traffic to your website
  • Access high quality training, and resources
  • Avoid misinformation and costly mistakes
  • Have more confidence, work with purpose
  • Increase your visibility in search, improve your rankings
  • Network with other like minded site owners just like you
  • Meet new friends, exchange experiences, share tips, and attend monthly meetups

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