What’s The Perfect Anchor Text Ratio? I Analyze 5 Big Search Terms and Share My Findings

It’s no secret that in order to rank higher in Google you need links.

More links, better rankings.


Well, not exactly.

I spend a lot of time analysing various websites and link profiles across a wide range of industries, and what I’ve found is that things are definitely changing.

This really shouldn’t come as any surprise as Google is constantly updating and tweaking their algorithm.

Infact, they usually make changes daily – sometimes … read more

Best Practices for Choosing a Domain Name That Helps Your SEO

One of the first things anyone will do when getting started online is register a domain name. Let’s face it, without a domain name, you can’t really do much on the web.

Now, you would think that the process of registering a domain name would be pretty straight forward, however time and time again, I see site owners making common mistakes that would be costing them big time in a number of different areas – … read more

How to Improve Page Speed Using W3 Total Cache Smush.it and Autoptimize

In this short entry I’m going to show you how you can quickly improve your sites page speed score using the following WordPress plugins

  • W3 Total Cache
  • Smush.it, and
  • Autoptimize

I’m going to keep this short for the following reasons –

  1. This topic is about as exciting as watching a snail crawl over a peanut butter sandwich
  2. I don’t want to muck around and waste your time
  3. No one seems to care too much about
read more

How to Get High Quality Backlinks With 2 Step Guest Posting

When it comes to SEO, without a doubt one of the most difficult challenges is getting high quality links.

One way to overcome this is through guest posting.

Now I know what you’re thinking “Gust posting. Who gives a shit? This topic has been flogged to death”, …and you know what?

I agree.

So why cover it again?

Because I wanted to share the way in which I do guest posting – not only for … read more

7 Hard Hitting Questions to Ask Before Hiring an SEO Company

So you’ve just checked your websites monthly stats and it’s obvious you need help.

Traffic is dribbling along, sales and customer enquiries are at an all time low and you’re feeling like throwing yourself under a bus.

Before you do, consider your options.

  • Get squashed by a bus
  • Call an SEO company for help

Tough decision isn’t it?

Alright look, I know the thought of having to pick up the phone and call an SEO … read more

How to Build and Rank Multiple Suburb Pages in Google Like a Boss

Okay, let’s talk about suburb pages for a minute.

Firstly, before getting into this I want to warn you that this really isn’t a sexy topic at all. Infact building out multiple suburb pages for local SEO is about as interesting as elbow skin.

It’s boring, it’s repetitive, and if you’re not careful, you’ll be going cross eyed whilst swigging out of a Vodka bottle before bedtime.

Secondly, I will say that for those of … read more

The Ultimate Step by Step Guide to Google’s Disavow Tool

Well it’s only Wednesday and so far, this week sucks balls.

I ruined a good shirt in the wash, I had a client not show up for a meeting, and my internet connection has been up and down like a brides nitey.

In addition to that, I’ve had to deal with a site that’s been negatively affected by poor backlinks. Thousands of them.

This has resulted in me having to spend the majority of this … read more

How to Create a Kick Ass SEO Friendly Site Structure Using Card Sorting

Have you ever looked at your site and thought, “Shit, this things a mess. I’ve got pages everywhere!”

This can often be the case, when you don’t think ahead and plan out your site structure.

You may have found yourself in this position because –

a) You didn’t plan your web build, or
b) You “kind of” planned, but then things got messy as your site grew, or evolved and you just dumped pages … read more

The Ultimate Internal Linking Guide for More Effective SEO

Internal linking isn’t something that gets spoken about much in the SEO space, and I guess that might be partly because it isn’t exactly very “sexy”.

I mean, links on your own site.

Whoop doop.

Most site owners only care about getting external links, (links from other websites) ranking first page in Google and cashing in.

These are all aspects of SEO that without doubt get the most attention, because its external links that really … read more

What to Do When Your Rankings Drop in Google and How to Fix it

So your rankings are dropping in Google faster than characters are being killed off in Game of Thrones and you have absolutely no idea why. By now you’re probably unsure whether you should cry, skull a bottle of Rum or punch someone in the face.

Look, I know its not cool, but unless something has gone seriously pear shaped, such as being slapped with a penalty, this can usually be fixed.

So before you call … read more