My SEO services are aimed at helping established business owners increase their earnings through leveraging organic search traffic. My clients are typically highly motivated, committed individuals who want to grow their businesses, and see marketing as an essential investment. I work with businesses of all sizes, mainly here in Australia but on occasion do work with businesses overseas.

If you’re interested in learning more about this service, please read over the information below. Of course, if you’re interested in working with me, get in touch by sending an email or booking a free strategy session.

At a quick glance

  • No lock in contracts. Simply pay as you go with no ongoing comittments
  • Pause or cancel your campaign at anytime. No cancellation fees, you have total control
  • Monthly strategy calls to discuss campaign progress, keeping you updated throughout the campaign
  • Meaningful reporting that shows how your campaign is performing overall with an emphasis on revenue
  • Comprehensive client portal that allows you to login and access key campaign information including reports
  • Work summary sheets that list all of the work that’s been performed so you know where your money is being spent

How I’m different

Firstly, I want to say that I’ve been doing SEO for almost 20 years. I have thousands of hours worth of experience and know this industry backwards. When you work with me, you’re not just paying me for my time, you’re paying for my experience.

Secondly, when it comes to SEO, most providers will confuse you with technical nonsense and sell you something you don’t understand, or worse – something you don’t need. They’ll push you through a slick sales process making all sorts of empty promises around how wonderful everything is going to be, then once you sign up, they abandon you, take their payment each month, and leave you wondering what’s going on, and if its making any difference at all.

Sound familiar?

If you work with me, I can assure you that it’s going to be completely different. Here’s why –

  • I don’t just work with anyone. I’m selective about who I work with because I want to ensure we’re a good fit. Once we talk, I’ll ask a number of questions to ensure this.
  • I only work with a small collection of clients. I do this so I can provide massive value. I’m about quality, not quantity.
  • I respect my clients. They’re not just another “number” in the queue. Most of my clients have been with me for more than 4 years. People don’t stick around that long if you’re doing a shit job.
  • You will know with absolute certainty that you’re getting a positive ROI, because I track and measure everything. This will be presented to you via meaningful reports that cover monthly earnings from search engine traffic.
  • I provide monthly work summary sheets that outline what work has been performed each month, so you’ll know exactly where your money is being spent.
  • Each month we’ll be having an end of month strategy call to catch up on where your campaigns at, what work is being done, what works coming up – I’ll answer any questions you might have as well as making recommendations.
  • My clients trust me and appreciate the fact that I do the job right. That’s pretty damn rare in this space. 

I focus on what matters

Unlike most SEO providers, I don’t focus on meaningless metrics, such as “rankings”, or “search visibility”. Nor will I bore you with confusing technical SEO jargon, such as “crawl budget”, “trust flow” and “domain authority”. If we work together you’re not going to get confusing reports full of squiggly lines and bar charts. Instead, I’m going to focus on the metrics that matter – helping you get more customers, making more sales and increasing revenue. 

That’s what matters.

How my process works

My campaigns are broken down into 4 main phases. Here’s a brief overview of each one.

Phase 1 – Research & Analysis

This part of the project involves the following –

  • This is an opportunity for us to discuss your campaign objectives, goals, identify your main competitors, note target keywords, desired focus points, and essentially prepare for campaign commencement.
  • Once all of the information is gathered, I can plan out project direction with purpose, and begin performing indepth analysis and research. 
Phase 2 – Onpage optimisation

This part of the project involves the following –

  • This is where the data captured from the previous phase allows for actual campaign commencement.
  • Planning out and restructuring your site, based upon competitor analysis and keyword research. A large part of this is based around reverse engineering to understand what is already working in your space.
  • Implementing site structure, setting redirects, correcting internal links, creating and publishing initial site content, optimisation meta data, ensuring responsiveness, improving site speed and other areas of technical onpage optimisation.
  • Setting up and testing goal tracking (email and call enquiries) This allows for accurate tracking of desired conversions.
Phase 3 – Offpage optimisation

This part of the project involves the following –

  • Reverse engineering competitive data collectively and identifying offpage opportunities (link building)
  • Mapping out a strategic offpage optimisation strategy with emphasis on quality, diversity and topical relevance (in other words, putting together a plan that allows us to acquire high quality links)
  • Creating content and performing outreach to sites of strong relevance in an effort to acquire quality guest post publications
  • Tracking and measuring of offpage performance inline with target keywords
Phase 4 – Content 

This part of the project involves the following –

  • Identifying key content marketing opportunities, based upon keyword research and assessing competitor data
  • Hosting Q&A sessions with you as the client to retrieve value rich, highly accurate information
  • Creation of actual content based upon outcome of Q&A. Recorded sessions, which are then transcribed and repurposed into actual blog posts. It should be noted that I do not “spin”, or “rewrite” or “outsource” content creation overseas. It is all done properly – inhouse.


In terms of reporting, you will be provided with easy to understand, meaningful reports, that include  –

  • Keyword performance reports
  • Work summary sheets that outline work performed each month
  • Data studio (Google Analytics) dashboard that shows your site performance in an easy to understand way.

Most importantly of all, reporting will have a strong focus on conversions (customer enquiries and sales generated by search engine traffic). I do not send my clients fancy reports full of squiggly lines and other meaningless bullshit that doesn’t matter. You will know with absolute certainty how your campaign is performing and ROI based upon actual earnings.

The client portal

As a client, you’ll have access to your very own client portal, where you can log in at any time, manage your account, watch short training videos, access your files, schedule strategy calls and more. The purpose behind the client portal is to –

  • Centralise everything so you’re not wasting time digging through emails and files etc 
  • Provide basic training so you understand how SEO works, along with what I’m doing
  • Make communications easier, so we’re not bouncing back and forth between never ending calls and emails
  • Help you get the most out of your campaign

Exclusions (what I don’t do)

It should be noted that if we work together, you’re hiring me to perform search engine optimisation. I am not responsible (unless otherwise agreed) for –

  • Web support or site maintenance
  • Staff training
  • IT related tasks (server admin, email etc)
  • Graphic design
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Any other service that is not part of the initial agreement (SEO)

It is expected that you are hosting your site with a reputable hosting provider and I will be able to perform my tasks without any delays or technical issues.

My rates

Please make sure you’re aware of my rates before contacting me.

  • For monthly SEO, I charge $150 an hour for a mininum of 15 hours per month, or $2,475 / month.
  • You can if you wish increase your hours if you want to get more work done each month.
  • Putting in more hours will allow you to get faster results.
  • All work is strictly prepaid. I do not work in arrears, nor do I process refunds. Please do not ask.

Before you call me

I only want to work with motivated business owners who –

  • Understand that marketing is hard, and it takes time, perseverance and effort
  • Understand that SEO is a joint effort. For me to help you, I need to understand everything there is to know about your business at a deep level so I can focus my efforts in the right areas. No one knows your business better than you do, so please don’t call if you just want to throw money at me and do nothing
  • Understand that SEO takes time. If you want results immediately then SEO is not the right marketing channel. Consider Facebook ads or Google Adwords
  • Are committed, and not just looking for results by next Wednesday afternoon.
  • Understand that SEO is an investment and will pay for itself several times over for years to come if you’re patient and play the long game

Please don’t call me if –

  • You’ll cancel if you “don’t see results in 3 months”. Most campaigns take anywhere between 100-200+ hours. 3 months might sound like a long time, but if we’re only doing 15 hours a month, that’s not 3 months at all, its 45 hours. If you’ve been on the phone to someone else and they’ve promised you “results” in 3 months, you’re being lied to.
  • You’re totally fixated on rankings. I’m not interested in working with business owners who constantly monitor rankings, or believe that the entire success of their business depends on one keyword.
  • You’re entire life is going to come to an end if you don’t get results. I’ve had people on the phone in tears telling me they’re going to lose their house, or their wife’s going to leave them and take the kids if we can’t work together. This is always far too stressful for everyone involved, so I’d rather not.
  • You have completely unrealistic expectations and think you can invest $1,200 and get a $900,000 return.

Frequently asked questions

Q. How long will it take for me to see results?
A. That depends on a number of factors such as the state of your website, how actively you’ve been creating content, the competitiveness of the industry you’re in and more. It’s impossible for me to know until we speak, so I can get a better understanding of where you’re at. Be mindful though that time frames are usually best guess estimates.

Q. How do you know if I’m a good fit?
A. I’ll ask you a series of questions to determine as to whether or not I think we should work together. This is usually dependent upon a) how established you are b) average lead or sale value c) revenue your business is generating per month d) gut instincts.

Q. Can I do less than 15 hours per month?
A. No. 15 hours is the minimum. SEO is time intensive. 15 hours is required in order to get a sufficient amount of work done each month.

Q. Can you give me a guarantee?
A. No. There are no guarantees in business, especially not when it comes to marketing. Google specifically states to avoid SEO service providers who use guarantees. They offer them in order to onboard naive clients. 

Q. You said you cap your client intake, how do I know if you have any spots left?
A. Best thing to do is get in touch and ask.

Ready to get started?

Great. Send me an email or book a free strategy session and let’s have a chat. I look forward to working with you.