About Me

Hi. My name is John Romaine.

I’m the guy behind SEO Point. I guess I could give myself a fancy title like “Director”, or “Founder”, or “Strategic digital analyst and SEO visionary” but that’s just wanky nonsense.

Instead, just call me “John”.

I’ve been doing SEO since 2003 and have more than 10,000 hours worth of experience. That’s right, I’ve been doing SEO a bloody long time. Infact, I’ve built more websites, ranked more keywords and seen more Google updates than I care to remember.

Don’t believe me?

Well, check out this graph below.

My SEO skills and experience levels

Impressive, isn’t it?

Would you like to see my thumb trick?

Firstly, before showing you my thumb trick, there’s something about me you need to know.

I’m honest.

Sometimes TOO honest.

If you come to me for help with SEO and I think your website sucks, I’ll tell you. If the content sucks on your website, I’ll tell you. If I see anything else that sucks for that matter – I’m going to tell you. Not because I’m trying to make you cry – but because, I’ve been doing this an incredibly long time, and I want you to get results.

It’s pointless doing SEO and expecting to rank on the first page of Google if your shits broken. And quite honestly, I’m not interested in taking your money if I can’t get the job done. There’s no need for me to pretend that everything’s going to be cupcakes and candy canes if I know it’s not going to work.

It’s that simple.

Some people scoff at me and hang up the phone. Others tell me they don’t like my tone. They’re usually the ones that end up working with some crappy SEO agency paying $200 a month, or buying links on Fiverr thinking they’re going to get “great results”. Needless to say, they’re also the ones posting on Facebook complaining about how they got “ripped off” because they got sold some sleazy sales pitch and offered a kitten if they signed up that day over the phone.

I’m not like that.

I’m honest, which is pretty damn rare in this industry.

My clients thank me for it. They appreciate my straight forward, no nonsense approach. They’re grateful for it. Because they can see I’m genuine, and I actually care. Plus I get them great results too, which makes them feel all warm and fuzzy.

Anyway, let’s not get too romantic.

I’ll show you my thumb trick if you sign up. Trust me, it’s hilarious.

I know what the hell I’m doing

Occasionally I work with clients that go against my advice, or question my recommendations.

They might say things like –

  • “My brother in-law said I should….”
  • “I was at a BBQ on the weekend, and a mate of mine was saying…”
  • “We think the dancing chicken on the home page is great…”

Clients like these don’t usually last long.

These are the ones that buy a dog then decide to bark themselves.

Don’t be a client like that. Those clients suck. Be a great client and I’ll take good care of you.

If you listen to my advice, and implement my recommendations during your SEO campaign – you will get results.

Infact, I’m so confident, that I’ll invite you over for a cuppa and a high five when we hit first page.

How does that sound?

PS – we need milk.

Where the magic happens

Here’s my desk in my office.

Exciting isn’t it?

This is where the magic happens. Clients pay me to wiggle my mouse, tickle the keyboard and stare out the window daydreaming about chocolate ice-cream.

It’s actually a nice view so I can’t blame them.

I estimate that I’ve put in over 10,000 hours in this office. Throwing tantrums, spilling cups of tea and getting crumbs in my keyboard – all in an effort to master the mysterious art of SEO.

All so that you don’t have to.

It’s sacrifices like that, that allow me to call myself an “expert” (if you don’t mind), and charge the way that I do.

It’s funny, none of my clients could care less how big my office is, or what it looks like, or whether or not I work in my pyjamas at midnight. All they care about is getting results. Infact, most of them prefer to work with me as opposed to a “big agency” because they know they’ll be speaking directly with me when they call and not getting passed around between a different “campaign manager” with a funny accent every time they call.

And no, my office isn’t always this tidy.

I cleaned up especially for this shot.

Enough about me, more about you

Anyway, I could talk about myself underwater with a mouthful of marshmallows for hours, but I’m sure you’ve got better things to do. How about picking up the phone and giving me a call. Let’s have a chat about where you’re at, what you need help with and how terrible your previous SEO guy was.

What’s the worst thing that can happen?

You say no, and I get back to colouring in.

On the other hand, you never know, we could end up sharing a beer at the local laughing at how you outranked all your competitors in Google, and showing me your new Lexus.