This is where I get to show off my work and tell you how fantastic I am. Trust me, my clients love me. Sometimes I even catch up in person for a hug and a coffee.

Check out these amazing results below. (the green dots show when I started)

Client result #1

This client came to me because they were concerned that their SEO agency was doing bugger all. Turns out they were right. I did an audit on their site which pointed out why it wasn’t performing in Google. Needless to say they ditched their SEO guy and worked with me. I wiggled my mouse and they celebrated accordingly. See below.

Client result #2

This client had been paying $400 a month for years when he approached me about SEO. Turns out he had been paying each month, without questioning them about what they were doing. Again, they were doing F all. I got him sorted quickly. His site was a mess, the onpage sucked, and everything else I looked at was a dogs breakfast. I think the graph below says it all.

Client result #3

This client was having a great time, paying just $199 a month for SEO when the whole lot went to shit. She got slapped big time with a Google penalty, which resulted in lost traffic, sales and revenue. She came to me in tears and I said “I told you so”, poked her in the eye and we got it sorted. Again, you get what you pay for. Cheap SEO is always more expensive. Don’t be a douche.

Client result #4

Here’s another one. This client was paying $99 a month when he lost everything. We met at a business meetup event where he scoffed and said I was “too expensive!”. He spent years and thousands of dollars, bouncing between cheap SEO agencies trying to fix it, before coming back to me.

Client result #5

This client found me after wasting years, and over $50,000 on shitty SEO. He had several websites all over the place, incorrect business listings and his main website was a total mess. It was keyword stuffed, had crappy links, terrible onpage and an overall lousy design. In other words this guy had been put through the wringer – big time. In his own words, he said “John, I wish I had of found you 5 years ago.” He has now been working with me for almost a year and wouldn’t even consider going anywhere else.

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