You want first page rankings – I want new pants and a yo-yo.

Let’s talk money.

Now before you scroll down and say “Holy shit this guy’s expensive!” you should know something.

Most clients that end up working with me, have been burnt, and burnt badly chasing “affordable SEO”. Infact, I’ve worked with numerous clients that have wasted YEARS and tens of thousands of dollars jumping from one agency to the other trying to make SEO work. All this does is lead to you wasting time and money.

Cheap SEO is always the most expensive.

Infact, cheap SEO is like flying to Thailand‎ for a $200 nose job. Sure, you might save some money, but you’ll walk out of there looking like Gonzo. Then you’ll not only have the expense of a dodgy nose job, but now the additional expense of having to pay someone to fix it.

As with anything, you get what you pay for.

Stop chasing $199 a month rubbish and do it properly.

My rates

  • choose your weapon

  • HoursHours
  • Lock in ContractsLock in Contracts
  • Freebies & IncentivesFreebies & Incentives
  • CommitmentCommitment
  • ServiceService
  • How it WorksHow it Works
  • PricingPricing
  • Suitable forSuitable for
  • SEO Training

  • $99

    short courses

  • Hoursunlimited
  • Lock in Contractsno
  • Freebies & Incentivesinstant access
  • Commitmentlearn at your own pace
  • Servicedo your own SEO
  • How it Worksonline training videos
  • Pricingcourses from $99
  • Suitable foreveryone
  • SEO Services

  • $175

    an hour

  • Hours12hr per month
  • Lock in Contractscancel anytime
  • Freebies & Incentiveslower rates (see below)
  • Commitmententirely up to you
  • Servicedone for you, relax
  • How it Workstraditional SEO service
  • Pricing$2100 per month
  • Suitable forbusinesses of all sizes
  • SEO Coaching

  • $500

    an hour

  • Hours20hr min
  • Lock in Contractscancel anytime
  • Freebies & Incentivesfirst 90 minutes $250
  • Commitmentas long as you like
  • ServiceI teach you
  • How it WorksI'm your personal SEO Jedi
  • Pricing$500 per hour
  • Suitable forbig wigs and high rollers

Jokes aside – you should know something

Before we go any further I want you to know something.

Most of my clients have been with me for years. That’s right – years. Some have been with me for more than 4 years. Almost every new client that comes onboard says “John, I wish I had of found you 5 years ago”

That wouldn’t be the case if I was doing shit work.

I treat my clients like close friends. I want great clients who are interested in establishing long term relationships where we can work together in order to grow their businesses and make them more profitable.

I can’t do that if I’m charging $200 a month.

So if you think I’m too expensive or you know “some guy” that can do SEO for $100 a month, then my service is not for you.

I only want to work with business owners who understand that –

  • Marketing done right is an investment, not an expense
  • SEO is a long term strategy and it takes time
  • Cheap SEO can be damaging and costly
  • You get what you pay for

There are literally thousands of people that offer a cheaper service than me, and for good reason – they’re rubbish.

If you want to work with someone who will look after you, and get you the results you want, then give me a call.

Still not convinced?

Think about it like this, let’s say you come onboard and you pay me $2,100 a month.

That equates to $25,200 per year.

If you stick around, think long term and let me do my job, there’s every chance I’m going to help you make hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Infact I have one client that has been working with me that has made over $800,000 in the past 2 years. All for a $50,000 investment.

So ask yourself, does $25,200 mean anything if you’re going to make great returns? Of course not.

You can’t even hire a junior staff member to push a broom for $25,000 a year, so what are you waiting for?


For those paying month to month, my hourly rate is $175 per hour. However for those that commit to long term campaigns, I offer discounts. Of course, SEO takes time, so it makes sense to consider the following options, rather than just paying month to month –

  • 6 months paid in advance – $125 an hour
  • 12 months paid in advance – $100 an hour

All campaigns run at a minimum of 12 hours per month, otherwise your campaign will take forever. 12 hours is enough time to get a reasonable amount of work done (at the bare minimum). Of course, if you want, you can choose to put in more hours per month, which most of my clients do once they see the amount of work that is being done.

Obviously, the more time you put in, the faster you will see results.

Again, I do the job right which is why I charge what I do. I want to provide a high quality service. I’m not interested in having hundreds of clients. Nor am I interested in churn and burn $50 a month SEO. I want committed high quality clients who understand that SEO is an investment.

If you’re currently working with an SEO agency and you’re paying a few hundred dollars a month and you have no idea what’s going on – then you’re being ripped.

Give me a call, let’s work together and do it properly.

My Payment rules

  • Payment first, then work gets done. Not the other way round. All payments to be made in advance.
  • No I don’t offer refunds, please don’t ask. It’s awkward.
  • No I don’t want a bottle of rum or a carton of beer as part payment.
  • No you can’t pay me “next Wednesday”. This is business. Please pay on time.
  • If you pay 6 or 12 months in advance I’ll give you a big fat discount.